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How to get gloomy eye pet wizard101

Wizard101 Online Hack – CLICK To CONTINUE! wizard101 codes for pets. Discover how this transport of.

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Thank you for the help ahead of time. .

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14. Joined: Dec 05, 2013.

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Scarecrow is better for everything else, and a gloomy eye pet takes you to 48 pretty easily. Most popular is triple double or double double mighty.

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WATCH ME LIVE https://www. Gloomy gives a 4 pip aoe and a death blade and it’s hard to pass up 22% damage and 25% resist.

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My ideal would be Quad damage with resist. Parent Combinations.

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After purchasing 596 Ghulture Hoard Packs, I received the following: 8/596 x 100% = 1. May 13, 2019.

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Wondering if anyone with a death pet would be willing to help me out and is interested in hatching! I have a ton of old pets so please comment if you're interested at all in a specific pet, or i have an ice cat with maycast sprite, +8 proof, +4 defy. Just ask around in the pet pavilion and commons for someone with the pet you want.

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gg/7eUze2ZJTwitter: https://twitter. .

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Add a Comment. .

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I can get a hatch for around 10k depending on the pets. .

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. .

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Joined: Dec 24, 2009. .

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use the code in the video to get the pet Video Rating: / 5. .

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Note: if you don’t have the hamsters you can’t get them, so stick with a pet that gives a blade or enchanted armament. They got me.

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I'm trying to breed for a good gloomy eye pet with good stats, but every time I breed some pets the stats are worse than my first attempt. Ice is better to solo, especially if you have a life mastery.

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